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Thanks for visiting this page. You are welcome to send any  suggestions  or  complaints  to the Webmaster. If you want to  advertise  your business or institution on one of the web pages please send full information.

It is recommended that you spend a little time browsing through the how to..... pages of this site, getting the feel of how to use this site.

The goal of this website is to supply information on one web page for a town or route to all people who try and plan a holiday or just want to travel around in South Africa. Just like the song, “Show me the way……….” This is thought to be the ultimate guide for all businesses, accommodation providers, restaurants, places of interest, museums, schools, etc. The intention is to supply an inexpensive listing to the trade and industry of a given town or city and also provide a free service to non-profitable organizations, depending on the support from the local profitable institutions.

We endeavour to list all kinds of information needed by the backpacker, bird watcher, camper, caravanners, golfers, hiker, holiday maker, hunter, motorist, overnighter, sightseer, tourist, traveler, voyager, etc., visiting your town and surroundings.

This webpage should then act as a single point of entry for information to your area, hence being a guide to all activities in your region. This should make planning for your trip so much easier. It also should help new residents to your neighbourhood to find their feet in a jiffy.

Last updated on 2011/10/16